Writing Prompt #10

Today’s prompt comes from Ethan, who I also am unaware of having any social media I can link to.

Unfortunately after trying to set up a nice queue so I could have steady content, just one day later and I hit some pretty severe writers block.  It’s not that the prompt is bad or anything, just I couldn’t find anything in my head I wanted to write.  This is probably my weakest writing yet on here, but it’s important to me that I at least post something once a day.

Maybe I should take a break to build up a queue, or change to a Mon/Weds/Fri schedule.  I’ll think on it, but for now:

“Prompt #10: An entity older than the stars chooses to experience a human lifetime from birth to death, upon their rebirth they seal away all knowledge of their true nature until they have lived long enough to develop into an adult human with a new personality. How does the regaining of this knowledge affect them? What kind of person did they turn out to be? What will they do going forward?”
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Writing Prompt #9

This prompt was given to me by Lymirk, who as far as I know also has no social media.  Decided to do more modern supernatural stuff, though now I’m wondering if I’m leaning too much on the fantastical to carry my writing.  I might continue this one too, and flesh out the characters in another daily prompt.  Speaking of, this will be the first time I’ve gotten one of these out at a scheduled time, so let’s hope I can keep it up!

As always any comments or critique are welcome.

“Prompt #9: An unsuspecting youth holds the key to another’s life in their hands. Cover their discovery, how this happened, their reaction and how the two deal with this situation, as well as how others close to them react, as well as a conclusion. Explore some interesting conflict between the two that must be resolved or accepted to some degree.”
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Writing and Scheduling

Hey there!  It’s me, that one person who writes stuff here.

So, just wanted to talk a little bit about how the whole writing thing has been going.  I actually started doing these prompts about a week ago, but only thought about making this blog a few days ago.  Which is why a whole bunch of posts were all compressed onto the first day.

I think if I had spread them out it would have been more efficient post-to-interaction ratios or whatever, but really I’m mostly doing this as a way to make sure I actually put out what I’ve got instead of just focusing on one little thing.

Anyways, it’s mostly been a string of writer-then-post as I go, but I’d like to start building up a buffer so I can put these out at a more consistent time.  In fact right after this I’m going to dive into another prompt and try to bang out one or two more, and keep up that pace.  All of which is a long winded way of say, “expect more regular content.”

Other than that, I don’t think there’s much else to cover, unless people want to hear me ramble about topics unrelated to writing, which I’d probably be better off shoving into a separate blog.

Writing Prompt #8

This prompt was provided by my friend Shade Genkai, who happens to have no social media I’m aware of.  I’l have to edit it in if he ever does get some!

“Prompt #8: A devoutly religious person dies and, upon entering the afterlife, realizes that their religious beliefs were false. Explore this person’s mindset and their emotional state as they come to terms with their new eternity, or lack thereof. (Both the person’s religion and the legitimate afterlife are free choice. Make them up if you please) ”

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Writing Prompt #7

Another late one, but life has been busy.  As always, critique is 100% welcome!  Now, onto the content.

This prompt was provided by Leah, aka @thewisevixen

“Prompt #7: An individual is faced with the choice of a lifetime- but something is preventing them from making it. Detail their struggle both internal and external- as well as their conclusion. (No time period restriction. EG: Medieval, sci fi, modern, prehistoric.) ”
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Writing Prompt #6

Another prompt, a little earlier today.  This time provided by @smallgayrock!  I actually started at an earlier time today, but it ballooned in volume up to be about twice as long as my longest prompt, which is why it is still technically late.

I think I might want to revisit this character some time.

“Prompt #6: A detective solves a murder with help from a very, very unlikely clue.”

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Writing Prompt #5

This prompt was provided by @thewisevixen !  Another late one, but life has again been busy.  Recently joined a chat with a few other people who are all going to be tossing in prompts and critique, and I’m going to try to do my best to do all of them.

Ideally I’ll eventually reach a point where I can write 2-3 of them daily, and start building up a queue of these, and maybe post them regularly.  But first I have to get better at keeping a schedule for these in the first place!

“Prompt #5: It’s a day at the office, and person X has a meeting to present to ‘the board.’ They speak with their good friends (However many you please) about it, before going in to present to a board of initially disinterested officials. LOW sci fi if you wish, with a preference on modern.”
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