Writing and Scheduling

Hey there!  It’s me, that one person who writes stuff here.

So, just wanted to talk a little bit about how the whole writing thing has been going.  I actually started doing these prompts about a week ago, but only thought about making this blog a few days ago.  Which is why a whole bunch of posts were all compressed onto the first day.

I think if I had spread them out it would have been more efficient post-to-interaction ratios or whatever, but really I’m mostly doing this as a way to make sure I actually put out what I’ve got instead of just focusing on one little thing.

Anyways, it’s mostly been a string of writer-then-post as I go, but I’d like to start building up a buffer so I can put these out at a more consistent time.  In fact right after this I’m going to dive into another prompt and try to bang out one or two more, and keep up that pace.  All of which is a long winded way of say, “expect more regular content.”

Other than that, I don’t think there’s much else to cover, unless people want to hear me ramble about topics unrelated to writing, which I’d probably be better off shoving into a separate blog.