Writing Prompt #4

Today’s prompt was provided by @smallgayrock !  As always, critique is welcome.  Heck send me prompts too, I’m trying to do at least one a day, though I kind of cut it close with this one.  It’s 11:30 PM where I am so, it’s far later than usual for me.

Prompt #4: Two people who hate eachother are stuck in an elevator, and reach a mutual understanding.
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Writing Prompt #3

Another of the daily prompt writings, provided by @thewisevixen as always.

“Prompt #3: Person X and person Y have been together for a number of years now- but have not taken the leap and proposed. Today, one of the two decides it’s time to take the leap. It’s a simple proposal- less moving parts, and more intimacy between these two individuals who are deeply in love. Modern era, mundane.”

I’m at my weakest when I’m doing two people, emotional writing, which also means it’s the best place to work at it eh?  As always, any critique is welcome, even a “wow this sucks” is fine.

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Writing Prompt #1

So, recently a friend ( @flamegale ) and I started giving each other writing prompts to do once a day.  You know, just for fun and to practice writing.  Thought it’d be good practice, so now I’m going to be doing one of these a day, minimum.  Or trying to.

Today’s prompt: “ A battalion of troops (Any era, any setting.) Are headed towards a war zone. They know of their enemy- but don’t know all of what might be waiting for them. Halfway to their destination, they are ambushed.”

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